Episode 2

Episode 2 – Ardashir I In this episode I will discuss the life and the reign of Ardashir I, the first shahan shah of the Sasanian Empire, who ruled from 224 (226) – 242 CE. Maps: All maps are obtained from Google Maps and are copyrighted by Google. Map showing the location of the cities […]

Episode 1.2

Episode 1.2 – The Geography and History of Iranshahr In this episode I will go through the major geographical features of Iranshahr and discuss their relationship with Iran’s history. In addition, I’ll provide a very brief background of what’s happened in Iranshahr between the time of Cyrus the Great and the rise of Ardashir I. […]

In-Depth Episode 1.1

Episode 1.1 – Why study the Sasanians? In this episode I will provide a short background of the Sasanians and answer two questions: 1) Why should we study the Sasanians? and 2) Why haven’t scholars studied the Sasanians to the same extent as other ancient civilizations have been studied? I’m providing you with three maps. […]

Main Episode 1

Episode 1: Introduction In this space you will find material that I think would help someone unfamiliar with the Iranian culture and history to better understand the  podcast. The material includes a list of person/place/thing names and a brief description of each, any maps, or pictures of interesting art and artifact. For this episode, the […]