About the Podcast

Welcome to the History of the Sasanian Empire podcast, where we take a deep dive into the lives of those long ago kings and queens. The Sasanians ruled West Asia from 226 to 651 CE and at that time were, along the Byzantine Empire, one of only two global superpowers. While Byzantines history is well-known, the Sasanian Empire has so far been the playground of a scant few dedicated scholars. That world is changing today with active scholarship going on in many major universities. In this podcast I aim to bring the story of this fascinating empire to those non-historians who still like a good story.

About the Host

Sam Tahmassebi
I was born in Iran and have been living in the US since 1983. I’ve been a passionate student of history all my life, but I’m not an historian. My PhD was in Chemistry and I then got a law degree. In my day job, I represent startup pharmaceutical and medical device companies in intellectual property matters. I’m also an adjunct professor of law at University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney School of Law. I now live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my wife. My two daughters have graduated college and are making their own history.

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